Meet the Instructors for AppGen 2023 Fall

Leah Larkin, Ph.D.: Applied Genetic Genealogy
Leah earned her Ph.D. in biology from the University of Texas at Austin, where she used DNA to study species relationships. She previously worked in both academia and scientific publishing and now applies those research skills to solving genealogical questions using DNA. She blogs at and is the co-creator of the revolutionary What Are the Odds? tool at DNA Painter. She has spoken at RootsTech, SCGS Jamboree, i4GG, and regional societies. In addition to taking private clients, she is currently working on strategies and tools for dealing with endogamy. 

Pamela J. Vittorio: Transportation Nation: An Exploration of U.S. Routes & Records for Work and Travel in the Nineteenth to Early Twentieth-Centuries

Pamela Vittorio is a professional genealogist, historian, and part-time Associate Professor in the department of English Language Studies at the New School in Manhattan. She obtained a certificate in genealogical research from Boston University, and PLCGS (Canadian Studies, Librarianship) from the International Institute of Genealogical Studies, (Toronto). Among her research interests are artifacts, DNA, maps, land records, military history, migration and transportation, socio-linguistics, and people with African American, Canadian, English, French, German, Irish, Italian, Jewish, or Scottish ancestry—many of whom lived along or worked on North American Canals.

Lisa S. Gorrell, CG: Using Land Records to Solve Genealogical Problems
Lisa is a co-founder of Applied Genealogy Institute and specializes in the southern states and Texas; the western states of California, Montana, and Oregon; and 18th & 19th century German and Swedish research. She is the former recording secretary for California Genealogical Society & Library, and past president for Contra Costa County Genealogical Society. She has a regular column in CGS’s California Nugget, has written for Der Blumenbaum, and writes two family blogs. She lectures locally and teaches all levels of genealogy research at the local adult school. She is currently a board member and volunteer at Contra Costa County Historical Society History Center in Martinez.

Sara Gredler, CG, AG: Writing Reports: For Clients, Family Members, Other Researchers, and

Sara Gredler is a Certified Genealogist® and an Accredited Genealogist® with over 25 years of genealogical and historic research experience. She worked nearly five years at AncestryProGenealogists®, the research arm of Ancestry®. She also has a Masters in Historic Preservation and previously worked as an architectural historian and GIS specialist for an architecture and engineering firm. She is currently working on starting her own genealogical research company, Lineage Detectives.
Sara is currently teaching and mentoring her fourth section of study groups focused on the publication Mastering Genealogical Proof, administered under the umbrella of the ProGen Study Groups. She has spoken at local, state, regional, and national-level conferences, with a focus on social history and how it affected our ancestors. She has taught courses focusing on social history, DNA research and analysis, organization of genealogical materials, Southern US research, and beginning genealogical research.