Class Summaries

In the fall of 2021, AppGen offered the following courses.

Irish Research, instructor: Mary Roddy, CG

The course focused on major record types and strategies used in Irish research. Each week, students were assigned a case study applying these records to solve a genealogical problem. Lessons targeted solving 19th- and early 20th-century Irish research problems.

Land Records, instructor: Lisa Gorrell, CG

Because of the importance of land and ownership of land to the lives of our ancestors, land research is important to genealogists for its evidentiary value of wealth, heirs and relationships. Genealogists use deeds and other land conveyances to solve genealogical mysteries.? The interrelationship between deeds and other records such as probate records, non-population schedules will be explored.

Exploring Broad Context, instructor: Jill Morelli, CG

This course investigated the term “broad context” as defined by Genealogy Standards and its importance to conducting “reasonably exhaustive research.” The knowledge gained shines a light on the actions of your ancestors, makes your interpretation of the records more accurate and your future searches more efficient.

Each course included discussion, presentation and in-class exercises. There was homework, which the instructor reviewed and commented upon.

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