Call for Proposals

AppGen is pleased to accept course proposals for AppGen Institute 2022 to be held virtually in March and/or April of 2022. Preliminary Proposals are due by 5 October 2021. Applied Genealogy Institute (AppGen) is a virtual  institute, which focuses on practicum-based education in small group settings of 15. A variety of ethnic, methodology, records, and topical research courses are presented twice a year in the spring and fall by content experts. You can see our Fall 2021 offerings here.

We are interested in all proposals related to ethnicity (diverse cultures encouraged), unique record sets, writing and methodology, including DNA. The content should appeal to high-intermediate to advanced learners. Because of the small class size, there is an opportunity for unique topics that have narrow appeal. Each session is approximately 15 hours of total class time, held once per week for four weeks. The instruction may include presentations, in class exercises, and other activities related to the topic. Dates and times for the class are set by the instructor. Be innovative!

We are requesting interested parties to propose in a two-tier proposal process:

  1. Preliminary Proposal (fill out this short form or see below)
  2. Detailed Proposal (for those selected to continue)

Because class sizes are kept small and we are a practicum-based institute, there is an expectation for in-class discussion and exercises. Challenging student assignments will be provided in the intervening weeks, each of which will receive instructor feedback. This out-of-class time is not included in the 12 hours of in-class time.

Read these directions carefully. If you have questions, please address them to

Compensation structure, comparable to other institutes, will be provided following the Preliminary Proposal submission.

Preliminary Proposal Details

When responding to the Call for the Preliminary Proposal, please complete one form (below) for each course you are proposing.   There is no limit to the number of proposals submissions, but it is anticipated that only one per instructor will proceed to the Detailed Proposal level. You may be contacted for additional information at any point in the proposal process.


  • 5 October 2021: Preliminary Proposal form submission
  • 20 October 2021: Preliminary Proposals selected; instructors notified to submit Detailed Proposals
  • 10 November 2021: Detailed Proposals due; final decisions within 2 weeks
  • 5 January 2022: Detailed outline of course and syllabus due

It is anticipated that only eight to ten proposals will go to the level of Detailed Proposal, and only four to five will be selected for the Spring 2022 AppGen Institute 2022. NOTE: Interviews to gain further course information may be conducted after Preliminary Proposals or Detailed Proposals are submitted.

Detailed Proposal Structure

(NOT due until after the initial selection)

If your course is selected to go to the next level, a Detailed Proposal will be required. It should include the following:

Instructor Information

The role of the instructor is to coordinate, plan, and teach the course.  

  • Name and contact information
  • Long bio or resume/CV focused on experience related to the topic to be covered (two pages maximum).

Course Information

Content should be well thought out and consistent with the initial proposal.

  • Proposed course title
  • Course objectives 
  • Anticipated target audience
  • Prerequisites for attendees, if any

Detailed Course Outline

  • Course outline (in table format) listing 3-4 activities per day in order of presentation; content of those activities; proposed timing; and expected outcomes. These activities might include discussion of prior and proposed homework assignments, presentations, in-class exercises, etc. 
  • Required subscription websites and course materials, such as books, journals, or memberships
  • Other details that explain the concept of the course and the instructor’s teaching approaches

Other Instructors

  • AppGen and our students rely on contact hours with the primary instructor. It is assumed that the proposer will be the only instructor.
  • If other instructors are anticipated, they should be specialists in their presentation area and kept to a minimum and be listed with their credentials in the table.

Other Information

Please answer the following questions in your Detailed Proposal:

  • Has this course been taught before? Please list all institutes, etc. and dates.
  • Will the course be taught any time prior to the Spring session of AppGen or in 2022?
  • Add any other information you feel is pertinent.

Preliminary Proposal Form

(to submit more than one proposal: shift to another page and then return. The form will refresh.)

Thank you for considering AppGen for your next fabulous teaching experience!