The Applied Genealogy Institute lived up to its “learn by doing” tagline. The hands-on, practicum-based approach offered a thorough analysis of case studies and hit the goldilocks zone for the student-instructor talking time ratio…The smaller class size really made it possible for students to participate as they wished.–Pam V. (Irish Research)

Thank you for creating AppGen! Cant wait to see what courses are offered next. –Attendee (Exploring Broad Context)

The Applied Genealogy Institute (AppGen) is a new venture by three practicing genealogists and successful instructors–Mary Kircher Roddy, CG; Lisa S. Gorrell, CG and Jill Morelli, CG. Their many years of teaching experience coupled with your desire to learn will make your learning adventure a success.

Applied Genealogy Institute provides the student with a great genealogical educational experience with a high degree of instructor-student interaction utilizing a practicum-based approach. The founders believe that “Learn by Doing” is a more effective way to gain knowledge by putting those newly learned skills to use immediately.

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We know that…

  • There is a demand for strong intermediate and advanced genealogy education and we aim to provide it.
  • Practical problems which teach by doing enhance student learning and provide concrete skills.
  • Small classes provide a high degree of instructor interaction including consultations and personal review of the homework.
  • AppGen provides education to those who can’t leave home for a solid week of classes because of work, family obligations, or other personal circumstances.
  • The founders have structured AppGen to utilize the best aspects of our own personal experiences.
  • AppGen’s registration is easy! You will have a set period of time to register (days, not hours) with no advantage given to when you signed up as long as it is within the window. If there are more students than the maximum number, a lottery system will be instituted.

If you haven’t already–here is the link for the Mailing List! Sign up! The Winter/Spring 2022 classes will be announced 1 December with schedule and registration window to follow. 

Jill Morelli, CG
Lisa S. Gorrell, CG
Mary Kircher Roddy, CG